LipScapes, a clever idea designed with you
in mind.

About a year ago, as I was scrubbing lip gloss off of my purse and dropping my lip colors into a plastic baggie, I thought, “How embarrassing that I have this nice purse, but I’m carrying my lip colors around like a bag of carrots. There has to be a better way.”

Now, I had been carrying the old-fashioned lip case (the one that holds only one short lipstick), but that doesn't work for the slender lip colors of today. So I started looking for a solution. And although there were plenty of long skinny lip colors at the cosmetic counter, I couldn’t find a case that worked with the new shapes and sizes.

Inspired by this unmet need, I decided to design a solution and share it with all the women who inspire me.

Like everything that is worthwhile, it's what you put into it. We've put a lot into LipScapes, and we hope that you will, too.

Product Description:

LipScapes is specially designed to fit four standard lipsticks or a combination of long and short lip colors, lip liners, lip pencil sharpener, nail file, personal items .... or whatever works best for you.

Made to conveniently fit into your purse or brief case and accommodate a range of sizes and shapes, LipScapes has the following Interior Dimensions:

Interior Dimensions:
Length-6½ inches Width–1½ inches Height–¾ of an inch

Hand finished, LipScapes is a quality gift accessory designed for function, fashion, and fun!

*patent pending